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Mariah Cartsidimas

7.30 AM 

As a non-morning person / fairly late riser, I wake up at 7.30 am to start my workday.

My morning routine involves getting ready for work, packing my snacks and lunch and hoping I was smart enough to iron my clothes the night before so I can save myself some time.

8.05 AM 

Luckily, I only live a ten-minute walk away from my local train station, so I can leave the house at 8:05 am and be in the city by 8:40 am. 

Even in the colder months, I prioritise walking to and from the train station so I can guarantee some movement and outdoors time in my day.

While I am on the train I check my calendar and read any emails that have come through the night before, so I can start planning the day ahead.

8.40 AM 

I arrive at 567 Collins Street and update my to-do list from the night before, in light of any new instructions or tasks.

9.00 AM

In the TMT team, we have a weekly stand up every Tuesday.

Everyone in the team provides an update on the top three tasks keeping them busy and any business development work they are involved in.

It provides a great opportunity to find out what others are working on, work the team is pursuing and where there might be opportunities to help out! 

9.30 AM

I assist one of our Senior Associates review a number of IT contracts for Services and Software a client is proposing to enter into.

When we review these contracts it is important to think about the key risks to our client and any terms that are inconsistent with market standard or our expectations of a comparable contract.

11.00 AM

When you are a Graduate at Corrs, each Practice Group organises a number of internal Training Sessions.

Today I attend an introduction into the TMT Practice Group. We find out about different clients the group works with and the types of work we focus on.

The TMT Practice Group at Corrs is very varied and works with a number of ‘traditional’ technology companies, as well as major retailers, organisations in the health and medical professions and corporates generally who utilise and rely on technology and who are captured by key pieces of legislation such as the Privacy Act.

We also reviewed an IT Master Supply Agreement and discussed the importance and relevance of different clauses.

12.00 PM

I continue reviewing the IT Contracts from this morning and start preparing our advice to the client.

It is important for our advice to be clear and concise, so I separate each key risk into an individual heading and dot point out our concerns with the contracts as well as the amendments we would expect and require.

1.00 PM


I love eating my lunch outside and luckily we have a wide range of outdoor seating options, which mean I can not only get some Vitamin D but I can eat my own lunch too (and avoid spending excessive money on lunch every day).

Today I eat lunch with a few of my fellow grads. One of the best parts of being in a grad group is the community of support you build. We always check in on how everyone is going, if there is anything we can help with but also just discuss things like reality TV!

2.00 PM

As a graduate in Corrs’ Melbourne office I am involved in the firm’s Homeless Persons’ Legal Clinic. We help clients who are facing homelessness and are otherwise unable to obtain legal assistance and support. 

Today we have a call with our client to ascertain further facts about their matter and to discuss our strategy for negotiations with their landlord. I work with a fellow grad on this matter and we check in with our Senior Lawyer to confirm our approach and discuss next steps on a regular basis.

3.00 PM

The TMT team provides Privacy advice to a wide range of clients. Today I was tasked with researching the OAIC’s conciliation process. 

I review the OAIC’s guidelines and industry commentary. I also discuss the query with my team to gain their perspectives and any background they have from their experiences. To finish off the task I draft a brief summary of my findings to provide background to the Senior Lawyers on the matter.

5.30 PM

At the end of each day I:

  1. finalise all of my time entries (it is the best way to make sure I don’t fall behind and to ensure all of my time is reflected);
  2. make a to-do list of tasks I need to work through the next day on the basis of priority; and
  3. check in with the other lawyers in the team to see if there is anything else they need help with!

6.15 PM

Home time! 

Tonight I catch up with two of my friends from Law School for dinner. While we have all started at different firms, in different areas, it is great to touch base and see what everyone is up to (and all being in the city we have so many great restaurant options too!).