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Jing Wang

7.00 AM

My alarm blares. I get up and make myself a coffee before I head to work – it wakes me up for the day!

8.00 AM

I follow a podcast called “Ctrl Alt Delete with Emma Gannon”, which introduces some very interesting and short conversations. I also check my emails overnight on the train to make sure I’m on top of things so I will be able to prioritise tasks when I arrive at work.

9.00 AM

I arrive at work. We have a conference call with client at 10:00am so I start to prepare for the call by printing out all the relevant documents and email correspondence between parties. I read through them before the call to familiarise myself with the points to be discussed on the call.

11.00 AM

I have been asked to attend a client meeting so I head up to level 61, the client floor, with a Partner for the meeting. They would like to have a preliminary discussion on a potential transaction they are planning to do later this year.

12.00 PM

After the client meeting, I return to my desk and start working on the things to be done following the conference call earlier this morning. I make changes to some documents to reflect the client’s comments and send the updated draft to my Supervising Partner for review.

A young professional at her office desk

1.00 PM

Today, I am meeting with a colleague from Hong Kong for lunch. She is currently on secondment with our M&A team and we have previously worked on the same transaction, it is nice to catch up with her in Sydney!

2.00 PM

After lunch I had back to the office and check my emails. I have received some comments back from my Supervising Partner. I am now making some further changes to the document and preparing the draft an email to the client.

2:30 PM

I now have a conference call with some other employees on the other side of the floor – this is for a transaction I have been helping with for a while now. It is very common in M&A for people working with others outside the immediate team. It’s also great exposure to understand and learn what else is going on within the firm.

3.00 PM

I am back at my desk and start looking at what is left on my to do list, I have ticked off the top 3 things and will now work on a due diligence report due by the end of the week.

4.30 PM

It’s a lovely day so I decide to change into my gym gear and go for a run in the amazing botanical gardens.

5.30 PM

After my run we have our weekly team catch up meeting in Café 60. We usually have the meeting earlier in the afternoon but today we had to postpone it due to the team’s calendar. We discuss current matters the team is working on and any interesting issues and then each team member will discuss their workload. Lastly, we discuss some ideas for the next team function.


6.30 PM

I walk to Wynyard station which is not far from the office to catch the train home. By the time I get home, I decide to cook a nice dinner for myself and relax to watch yet another TV series.